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20 Q's with Quang

From behind the lens..

He sees sounds when he listens to visuals.

It goes further than that for Quang. Feeling, emotion, goosebumps. That's what his work is all about. He is a storyteller with his vision. His videos bring to life not only the moments, but also their soul.

There is a deeper meaning in every image, an emotion that you can feel. His work is like a world full of passion and creativity. For 20 Qs, he briefly took the time to step away from the lens.

Deep Q's for the myth with deep visuals.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
Ginuwine - Same Ol’ G. I never let my achievements get to my head. That’s really the Vietnamese and Dutch in me. I also grew up with this song and it was one of the first that got me into R&B.

If you could spend a day in someone else's shoes, past or present, who would it be and why?
Elon Musk. I’d gift all of his fortune to the unfortunate, while leaving zero trace behind of me. Ain’t that the perfect Robin Hood scheme? He’ll be fine.

If you could instantly acquire a new skill, what would it be?
Drawing, because I’m not great at it and admire those who can. 

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Don’t believe everything you think.

Can you share a special moment in your life that changed your perspective?
When I visited my roots for the first time: Phu Quy Island, Vietnam. Most people there didn’t have much, but they were happy. It was a reality check to appreciate what you have.

What's the most awe-inspiring place you've ever been to, and what made it special?
I’ve been to many places, but New York City always gets me. The skyscrapers, the vibe, the birthplace of many (sub)cultures. Been there three times and it never gets boring. And I like Shake Shack.

On the other hand, I recently just visited Saigon, Vietnam. It was the first time I actually stayed in that city and it blew me away. I really felt at home thanks to the locals I connected with and been with. I’ve also collaborated with these talented people and the creative scene there is really poppin’ right now.

What message would you send to every person on Earth if you could?
“Don’t reply to this message.”
Haha, but on a serious note: Don’t be afraid to take a different route. You’ll get to places you’ve never been before. This is also my mindset when I create.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
My parents. They came from nothing (fled their country) and gave me everything (a future)

What’s a skill or hobby of yours that no one knows about?
I’m pretty good at making memes. I’ve created memes for fun that kind of went viral and made the internet giggle, but no one knows I made them. I also produce music.

"I like Shake Shack".

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Let's take it a little easier..

What’s your top 3 sneakers?
1. Nike x Undercover Daybreak Black Sail
2. J4 A Ma Maniére Violet Ore
3. Nike x AMBUSH Dunk High Royal Blue

Which pair got you into sneakers
Not a pair in particular, but a model: Vans Era. I wasn’t even a skater or into skating, but I was so obsessed with them back in the days and had a pretty large collection with even rare ones. 

A pair you would like to add to your collection?
Nike x sacai Vaporwaffle Black White. My birthday is next year. US8, thanks.

Sneakers as a statement piece or to complete an outfit?
Statement piece. I usually pick my outfit around the sneaker.

Personal style in one word
Unconventional. I often mix random things that don’t make sense, as long as it looks good together.

Most comfortable pair?
I love my comfortable AM1’s, but I have to go with Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Static. I had the 350’s too which was my most comfortable ones, but I sold them not too long ago.

Favourite brand?
Tough one, as my taste changes from time to time. At the moment I really dig Japanese brands so I’d go with CMF (Comfy Outdoor Garments).

Adventure Travel or Relaxing Getaway?
Give me sun, a pool, a view and I’m sold.

Vintage or Modern?
Nothing beats vintage. And what’s modern now, will be vintage later. 

Favourite food?
Oh, come on. I can’t choose, but definitely Asian. If I have to be specific: Vietnamese, because it’s so diverse.

Would you be an earth, fire, water or air bender?

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