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F/CE: Introducing minimalistic functionality

Here everything you need to know about the brand new F/CE collection.

Coming all the way from Japan, F/CE has finally landed at OQIUM.

Introducing a unique look on minimalistic design this is a brand that should be on your radar all year round.

Here's everything you need to know about this brand.


F/CE's 23SS explores the philosophy introduced by American architect Louis Henry Sullivan called “Form follows function”.

Sullivan, also widely known as the “Father of modern Skyscrapers”, was a leading architect of the Chicago school which developed the widespread use of steel-framed, high-rise buildings. 

His idea was based on the notion that functionality would always go hand in hand with design. This philosophy was famously adopted by the early 20th century Bauhaus design movement, which became notorious for its innovative "Less is More" architectural and product designs.

For 23SS, F/CE has embraced the shared connection between the Bauhaus movement and Sullivan. This collection explores functionality through design and takes the use innovative materials to new heights.

A deep dive into the design.

Naturally, the mantra "Form follows Function" has been integrated into F/CE's designs to provide “details for comfort in urban environments, outdoor fields and for travel”.

More importantly, F/CE's design team completely focusses on the everyday functionality and production techniques of their clothing, all to ensure top notch quality. By exploring new and innovative materials that could be integrated in wearable garments, they create new perspectives on everyday situations.

Did we already mention that 60% of the 23SS collection is sustainability-conscious?

Take for example their "seam-taped" fully waterproof clothing, featuring hand-picked original breathable materials to ensure comfort a comfortable wear even during high-performance situations.

A wide range of F/CE.’s collection can even be worn unisex, providing the same quality and functionality to both men and women.


F/CE is always looking to explore more sustainable options, they found a genius way to include botanically dyed items native to Japanes tradition into the 23SS collection.

Take for example the Biwa Leaf Dye, a natural dye from the green Biwa leaf producing impressive earthy and pastel tones. The plant and fruit have such strong pigmentation, that they can easily stain fabric or clothing.

F/CE, we see what you did there and we're here for all of it.

Other dyes used in this collection:
- Taiseiyo dye
- Fushizome dye

Goals & Dreams

It is F/CE's aim is to provide value that improves customers' and fashion conscious consumers' lives. Providing environmentally friendly garments and education is the first step to improving today's fashion scene.

In today's fast fashion environment, this is a refreshing take.

Here at OQIUM, we're proud to represent this standpoint and add this unique clothing brand to our collection.

Want to tap in?

Check out the newest SS23 F/CE collection here.

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