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OQIUM x PUMA: Aftermovie

An in-store celebration

On June 1st we hosted a launch party for PUMA to release their highly anticipated silhouette, a pair that was received by the community with open arms.

You might have heard of the pair we're talking about. If that's not the case, please come out of your cave!

Just kidding.

Let's get you up to speed.

Visuals by QUANG

Made to Play

Of course we're talking about the newly released Slipstream bbal which made it's debut in 1987 as a statement piece on and around the basketball courts. This pair PUMA's pride and joy, hence the major re-release this year.

Designed with a leather upper frame featuring subtle coloured accents (take for example the hints of green), including PUMA's tightly designed Formstrip. This pair was a major blockbuster this summer, make sure to keep an eye on newly coming colourways.

OQIUM Family

Vin Diesel would've been proud of us.

Our community showed up and the store ended up being packed, we talked some shop, networked, danced and admired PUMA's latest creation while the DJ was mixing up some of our favourite songs.


On Demand

We had a small surprise in-store for our family members, to reward them for their long time loyalty and for showing us love time and time again.

Our friends from Studio Vliering were so nice to help us by giving our Oqium Essence Collection new life by bringing their hot press and a smoothly designed "on time only" PUMA x OQIUM design.

It is safe to say that you've missed out, make sure you make it to the next one!

Major shout out to Kult & Ace for helping us making this a special night, also thank you for everyone who came out to celebrate with us. 

Warmed up for a PUMA Slipstream bbal?

Make sure to check them here or on PUMA's website!

See you at the next one!



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