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Puma x Pleasures

Puma and Pleasures are back with a legendary second collaboration.

PUMA x PLEASURES are back for another round, read all about it.

Puma and Pleasures are no strangers as they previously collaborated on the well received "Overdyed Pink" Velophasis, a chunky silhouette inspired by sports and streetwear aesthetics from the 2000's. Being such a great match, Puma and LA's streetwear powerhouse are back for another round and according to their latest campaign,

we are in for a treat containing extremely pleasing visual storytelling. For this upcoming collection not only one, but two footwear colorways will drop alongside a complete and diverse clothing collection containing flashy coats, eye pleasing hoodies and many more. Enough talking and teasing, scroll down to dive into the specific.

It was all a dream, or maybe not.

To fully appreciate this entire collection you will first need to understand the idea behind this campaign. In this day and age we'd say: "It's giving Punk Rock 'n Roll vibes." If that is even a thing. Anyways, we're here for all of it. ADE, are you paying close attention?

Take a closer look at the flashy hair do's, fast dirt bikes and the never seen before beverages - displaying an almost dream like oasis. This could be what Pleasures is really about, tapping into that inner rock child and pushing imaginary boundaries.

A bit of Orange and Purple. Just a tiny bit.

Time to talk footwear. We know by know that Puma and Pleasures are meant to be together, now wait till you see the footwear - they might as well make it official. For this second collab we got two colorways ready to make an big impact; "Cayenne Pepper" and "Birch Tree." Check out these beauties below.

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Puma x Pleasures Velophasis "Cayenne Pepper" If you want to wear "hot" footwear this is your pick without a doubt. Featuring a main gradient throughout the middle, topped off with multiple layers of a flame; yellow, red, orange and finished off with hints of black materials.

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Puma x Pleasures Velophasis "Birch tree" has a more subtle and dyed down look when compared to the Cayenne Pepper. Combining beige colours and tie-dye elements in the mesh this pair has a unique look. Sporty and comfy at the same time because of its chunky mid sole.

Puma x Pleasures is now available at OQIUM. large-banner image

Puma x Pleasures is now available at OQIUM.

With every piece within this collection being vibrant and unique, this collaboration is an extension of our creative minds and builds a gap between the 2000's and now. The complete collection will be landing at OQIUM soon, make sure you stay on the lookout once it hits the shelves.
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