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Show Me The Money Vol. 2

Recap about an epic and memorable night!


We would like to look back with pride on our recent OQIUM event, "Show Me The Money," which took place on August 29 in the breathtaking Amaze Amsterdam. This extraordinary tournament was organized in collaboration with 3x3Unites. In case you’ve missed it, we got you with a complete recap. Read all about it below.

More than basketball.

This unique event revolved around an intense 1v1 basketball tournament powered by our main sponsor Puma.

Our masterful presenters Julius Clay from OQIUM and Anes from 3x3 Next made sure the event ran smoothly and kept the audience on their toes. And let's not forget the referee, Shuwendly, whose expertise was crucial to the fastpaced and intense matches.

The final of the "Show me the money" event was incredibly exciting and full of unforgettable moments.

It was our mission to bring together different pillar of the fashion, music and sports industry - we believe we succeeded.

AMAZE ended up being completely sold out within only few moments after being available online and it definitely showed, our community pulled up and made noise until the very last whistle.

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Men's Final

In the men's, Olvainey Mercera and Dylan van Eyck faced each other in a breathtaking final. The intensity on the pitch was palpable as both players pushed to their limits. In the end it was Dylan van Eyck who emerged victorious with incredible determination and skill, with that coveted check as a reward for his impressive performance.

Women's Final

The women's final was no less exciting, in which the two greats Karin Kuijt and Jacobine Klerx faced each other. It was a wonderful spectacle to see these talented athletes in action. Although both ladies played superbly, Jacobine Klerx managed to capture the check, making it to the top of the tournament and displaying her skills in style.

These finals will surely be remembered as highlights of the event, with the winners and their impressive performances capturing the hearts of the audience and showcasing the essence of competitive sport in all its glory. Congratulations to Dylan van Eyck and Jacobine Klerx for their victories and their inspiring performances!


Along with our other valued partners, Jarritos and Luc Belaire, participants enjoyed refreshing drinks while immersing themselves in the excitement of the tournament. Plus, our guests were even able to boost their style by having toothgems placed at 95Gems and getting their hair cut by the talented Roger Faderer.

Artists of the night!

The entertainment was top class, with performances by three talented Dutch artists: JAH, Yves and Adje. Their musical talents added an extra dose of energy to the overall atmosphere of the event. Thanks to the craftsmanship and dedication of Beemflights, we can now look back at all the highlights and emotions that made the "Show Me The Money" event so special. Their talent for capturing the mood of the moment will make those memories last forever.

It was a day of excitement and competition, with every entrant going to great lengths to win that coveted prize of 2 x €2,500 cash. We are proud of the passion and commitment we have seen from all participants and thank everyone involved in the success of “Show Me The Money”.

Stay tuned..

for more events and initiatives from OQIUM, 3x3Unites, and 3x3Next. Thanks Urban Sports Week. Our thanks are great! Thank you for being part of this unforgettable day!

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Credits to Maarten Groot, Chris Rovroy en Amber Aarts for capturing these amazing stills!