Our mission is to bring culture, sports, and fashion together as a multipurpose lifestyle and sneaker store for men, women, and kids. We're focusing on a mature and casual wardrobe, which is always highly influenced by street culture. Providing a wide selection of curated goods, and actively strive to create an experience that is relevant to our audience.

Taking pride in blending a casual lifestyle with sporty storytelling and vice versa.

The OQIUM store is more than a multi-brand store. It is a place where creativity can flow, a hub for the community, and a place where the OQIUM community comes to life. 

May 30th, 2009 - the date when OQIUM opened its door in the bustling boroughs of Rotterdam where the crew hoped to satisfy a scene thirsting for knowledge.

What set OQIUM apart was the unflinching dedication to the Swoosh and our premium selection of product. Not to mention a vintage sneaker museum in the store, that had to be seen to be believed.

The first store was built for the community. A place where we could talk to our community about our passion and share more background information about sneakers and its scene.

The vintage sneaker museum was a big part of it, as we could educate the consumer in a very special way.