Giannis Antetokounmpo

"The Greek Freak"

Even though Giannis is a relatively young, the Greek player has already made his way to the very top of the league. 

When he signed with the Milwaukee Bucks back in 2013 - the team for which he plays until this date - he was one of the youngest players ever to make his debut, being 18 years and 311 days old. At the end of that season he led all NBA rookies in blocks and was named for the NBA all-rookie team.

In the years to follow, he started to become one of the Bucks’ primary players, recording 5 triple-doubles in one season, and being the youngest Buck to ever do so.

After a season in which he got the longest streak of 20-point games, Antetokounmpo was selected for the NBA All-Star team. Besides being the youngest player ever in the All-star team, this was the first time a Buck player was selected since Michael Redd in 2004 as well. But he wasn’t finished, the same season he was the first ever player in the history of the NBA to finish in the top 20 of every major statistics category.

Since 2018 the Greek Freak has been leading the Bucks to their best seasons of the past decade, getting his team to the conference finals, only to lose after winning the first 2 games. The record-breaking success to which he was the main contributor eventually earned him the NBA MVP award for the season 18-19.

Besides his basketball career, he is one of Nike’s most valuable players as well, creating multiple ‘Greek Freak’ collections and performance shoes, many of which are available at Oqium. Nike sees Giannis as the perfect modern athlete, and rightfully so, because his combination of speed, strength, size and finesse is unlike anything ever seen before.