As a basketball focused store, Oqium offers almost all of the 30 NBA team’s official jerseys in multiple editions and with numerous players’ numbers and names. All jerseys have been made with sweat-wicking fabric, so that you will stay dry while performing on court or supporting your team.

What makes the NBA jerseys unique is that they all come in 4 editions:

City edition, often inspired by local architecture and culture, to show the roots of the team.

Statement edition, this jersey is mostly worn during games with high rivalry and are often dressed in bold colors in order “to make a statement”.

Association edition, this jersey is often worn during home matches and has replaced the jersey that was formerly known as “home edition”.

Icon edition, this jersey shows the heritage of the team itself and utilizes symbols and colors commonly associated with the franchise’s history.

All of which the latest can be found at Oqium at the start of every new NBA-season.