LeBron James

LeBron James is arguably one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. Even before he made his debut on the highest level of basketball, many media platforms expected him to become a NBA superstar, an assumption that got confirmed as soon as he was picked first in the draft of 2003 and became that season’s rookie of the year, while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The following season, besides his debut in the finals, he was also selected for the All-NBA team and All-Star game, making him one of the youngest premier players in the league. On top of that, he finished second in the NBA most valuable player award voting as well.

Even though he barely missed out the previous season, LeBron managed to become the NBA MVP in both of the last two seasons he played for the Cavaliers, before joining the Miami Heat.

The decision to join the heat was not well-received by the media and general public, and this affected his individual success, giving LeBron and his team had a difficult start of the season. But they turned it around and only lost in the conference finals against the mavericks.

During 2011-13 period James was back on his old level of success, getting the MVP award for the fourth time and winning the NBA championship for two consecutive seasons.

After the heat lost the 2014 NBA finals, James decided to go back to the Cavaliers, whom had accumulated a pretty bad record after he left in 2010. Together with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, LeBron lead the Cavs to his fourth and fifth consecutive finals, of only one they won.