Our story

Based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Oqium is a fashion, lifestyle and sportswear retailer founded in 2008. Providing a wide variety of menswear, womenswear, sneakers and performance equipment. 

Basketball is in our DNA, but we represent much more than just that. 
The sport has an intimate relationship with fashion and Hip-Hop culture. Looking back at the past decades, we’ve seen that basketball had a big influence on fashion. From oversized suits in the 80s to the 90s Hip-Hop-inspired “oversized outfits, with baggy pants, snap-backs, starter jackets, and big chains - we all wanted to be like Allen Iverson.
At Oqium we cherish our heritage, our intimate relationship with the Basketball culture. 
But as fashion did, Oqium has changed over the years as well and we will always keep the desire to evolve constantly by embracing the future. 

We would like to serve everyone by combining brands with elements of streetwear, sports, music, art and different eras of youth culture. 

We’re here for the community.

Stay true.