Paul George

Only 4 years after his first appearance in the NBA, Paul George was already dubbed “the best two-way player in the game” and for a reason: he has one of the highest combinations of steals per game and points per game.

Since his first season in 2010, he showed his talent on both sides of the court. Whilst playing for the Indiana Pacers, he managed to lead the team in steals-per-minute besides also maintaining a high points-per-game average.

He was awarded the eastern conference player of the week as well, for being a big contributor to the 9-0 win to loss streak that broke all Pacers’ and NBA’s previous records. The team continued their streak after a loss to eventually ending up with 15 wins versus 1 loss, a feat that got Paul George the Eastern conference player of the month award.

In the years after, George joined Oklahoma City Thunder, with whom he kept proving himself by regularly scoring above 35 and even 40 points. The high level at which he could play every game landed him 3rd in the 2018 MVP of the season award, just behind Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden.

Last season, Paul George was traded to the LA Clippers from which Oqium offers multiple authentic jerseys and other apparel, besides all of George’s signature shoes and clothing.