Every basketball player has his own playing style, field position and body. Therefore, Oqium offers a wide range of the latest basketball performance shoe produced by Nike, PUMA, Jordan, and New Balance. Every one of those brands collaborates with your favorite NBA-players to create shoes fitting their specific needs, like Giannis with the Zoom freak, Durant with the KD 13, Westbrook with the Why Not?, Kawhi with the New Balance BBOMN1S, or Paul George with the PG 4.

All these shoes have a ton of technology incorporated in them, for example Nike’s react, Zoom Air, Zoom Turbo, and Air Max for optimal comfort and energy return, or if you’re looking for more grip, the Nike Kyrie and New Balance BBOMNX with their all-around grip.

But it doesn’t end there, because Oqium also has the latest colorways of these shoes, making sure you could have a shoe that even matches your uniform or outfit.